Welcome to VoterComp

Welcome to the most compliant, the most competent, and most comprehensive voting solution for a new era. In today’s hyper-politicized world, we face a myriad of challenges to keeping our Constitutional Republic, especially with regard to the sanctity of the American vote. It didn’t use to be this way, as voting actually is a very simple process, as long as the arbiters of the voting process are fair and honest. The pinnacle of a democratically-run society must have a safe, secure, and transparently-run voting system in place in order to function at its desired societal level.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous elements of the democratic process have undermined much of our voting systems, undermining our faith in election results. To be honest, the entire system is based more upon the morality of certain individuals running the elections, down to the workers that seek to exploit many of the issues that can lead to incorrect, fraudulently-obtained results.

VoterComp seeks to eliminate the potential for fraud. Rather than attempt to change elements piecemeal, what we would rather do is to reimagine the ENTIRE voting process from the ground up, including the ballots used, the equipment that processes those ballots, the ability to provide multiple checks and balances that optimizes security and transparency, along with the modern need for fast, accurate results. Finally, the entire process must be scalable to any size, particularly at the state level in the United States.

VoterComp – compliant, competent, and comprehensive.

Please feel free to comment on any section. I appreciate criticism and helpful hints.